Sidewalk Cleaning

Cape Coral Sidewalk Cleaning – We Ensure Safer Walkways

As the premier pressure washing company in Cape Coral, FL, Benitez Pressure Washing has prided itself in providing thorough pressure washing to its customers in the area. So, in addition to driveway washing, we also perform sidewalk cleaning to make sure the walkways surrounding your property are also as clean as your home. But we don’t just offer these services to residential areas; we also serve commercial properties.

Our high-pressure power washer and environmentally friendly industrial-grade will quickly remove stains and dirt buildup with ease, all without harming or discoloring your concrete. It will also eliminate those nasty wads of chewing gum that take forever to remove by normal means. So if you’re looking for a professional sidewalk cleaning, look no further than Benitez Pressure Washing for the best pressure washing in the Cape Coral, FL area.

The Importance Of Sidewalk Cleaning

Whether it’s the home or a business, sidewalk cleaning is essential in keeping up appearances, especially when it comes to business. Many companies have a high volume of foot traffic that can lead to dirt and bacteria buildup. If left unchecked, that buildup can ruin your business’ appearance and appeal. That’s why at Benitez Pressure Washing, we make sure that we are incredibly detailed with our sidewalk cleaning service. Using special 200-degree hot water pressure washers and low pressure, we can safely remove chewing gum and surface dirt while protecting the surface. Our method will also destroy bacteria and viruses commonly found in gum, which may have transferred to the concrete.

And our sidewalk cleaning procedure comes layered in steps, so we can make sure to catch everything on the first go:

  • Sweep or blow off all surfaces to remove trash and loose dirt
  • Wet down the concrete sidewalks facade and all adjacent areas with water
  • Cover nearby plants as needed with waterproof tarps
  • Pre-treat stained areas with biodegradable cleaners at 30 PSI – 40 PSI
  • Apply biodegradable cleaners to the rest of the surfaces to be cleaned, as needed
  • Clean all surfaces using flat surface cleaners at 2000 PSI – 3000 PSI and 250-degree water
  • Rinse off concrete sidewalks
  • Remove tarps, rinse down plants and surfaces adjacent to the work area and perform final quality inspection of cleaned surfaces

Pressure Washing For Your Walkways

Just as your driveway and sidewalk will get dirty and grimy from heavy foot traffic, your walkways face the same treatment. As you, your family, and visitors go back and forth, your walkways will develop algae and dirt buildup even faster than your driveway or your sidewalk. So, along with our sidewalk cleaning services, we also offer regularly scheduled pressure washing options for your walkways to restore their shine and keep them bacteria-free year-round.

Our pressure washing team will make sure to restore your sidewalks and walkways to their original luster so your property is both safe and inviting. With Benitez Pressure Washing on your side, you can focus more on living life and less on your exterior cleaning issues.

So, if you’re looking for Cape Coral Sidewalk Cleaning Company, Just Call (239) 201-7807